Silhouette cutting, mods and rockers

Cutting silhouettes on Brighton Pier. Soon I will be following in the footsteps of my silhouette artist predecessors at Brighton Marina for the annual Brighton Fringe Festival.

For many years there was a well loved Silhouette Artists by the name of Arthur Forrester who had a shop halfway up Brighton Pier. Unfortunately, Arthur is no longer there. However, as you can see from Arthur’s grandson’s blog, the people of Brighton and his Grandson remember his shop well.

In homage to Arthur and in memory of that by-gone era, the fringe festival folk have booked me to demonstrate this rare art.

This year’s Brighton Fringe Festival has a 1950’s theme and there will be an array of free entertainers alongside me to amuse the public.

With any luck things will be a little calmer than they where in the actual '50's when Brighton was more well known for it's riots between Mods & Rockers than the small Silhouette shop on the pier.

So please feel free to come down and see for yourself, just leave the Moped or the Leather Jacket at Home please!