Silhouette of an entertainer - a Wayne Sleep on the train

After cutting Silhouettes at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Association, where I meet Andy Murray (another story), I was on the train home, when I looked across at the gentleman in the seat opposite me. He look's familiar, I thought to myself, then I realised it was famous Ballet Dancer, Actor and Musical director, Wayne Sleep.

So I had to introduce myself and once I explained that I was a Silhouette Artist, he asked if I could cut his silhouette. So as a Ballet fan I jumped, or should I say 'grand jetĂ©', at the chance.

Wayne Sleep with his Silhouette

He was an absolutely lovely man and a great subject. I think I captured his likeness very well, what do you think?:

Silhouette of Wayne Sleep

It just goes to show, it's best to travel by train. I'd of never got a Sleep if I'd driven (sorry!).

You can find out more about Wayne Sleep at: