Silhouette cutting at Victorian events

"Silhouette Artist for a Victorian Events."
Victorian themed events are all the rage at the moment, and silhouette cutting is an art form that people associate with this era which is making a comeback.
Silhouette Sarah in Victorian Costume
Silhouette Sarah in Victorian costume

I've been asked to entertain with silhouette art at a number of high-profile events recently (including a royal engagement) that all had a Victorian theme, and I must say Silhouette cutting is the perfect entertainment for such events.

I guess the Victorian theme is in vogue thanks to the likes of Heston going back to the Victorian age to create amazing feasts, such as this one

Other TV programs are also taking a look into the Victorian life and the Victorians certainly seemed to have had fascinating interests, which until now have almost all but been forgotten. Silhouette Art seems to very much fall into that category.  

I have had the good fortune to work with some very talented people who are trying to keep the Victorian era alive.  One such Victorian group is the Victorian Society who do a great job of celebrating our history.

Silhouette Sarah holds the same philosophy, that you can create something marvellous and unique by travelling back in time. 

Sarah is reinventing the forgotten art form such as silhouettes, by going to events and demonstrating this art form in a contemporary style with modern twists on traditional outfits and attractive displays.

This is why Sarah has got together some of the best Victorian themed entertainment to enhance your event at one of the many Victorian venues around Britain.

If you would like to book Sarah for your Victorian Themed event please contact her on or check me out on facebook @SilhouetteSarah


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