Wedding silhouettes in the Asylum

Silhouette Sarah in Steampunk costume stood in Asylum Chapel
Silhouette Sarah Steam Punk at Asylum
I was admitted to the Asylum for Silhouette cutting, not surprised where you.

However, I was surprised to find out that the asylum is a fantastic wedding venue. The Asylum Chappel in London is an amazing shabby chic venue.  This article in London Bride shows great pictures of the place.

It really fitted in with my Steam Punk Look and I loved it.

The Chappel is a grade II listed building that dates from 1826.  It has the whole distressed romantic look down to perfection and was truly beautiful.

The guests and wedding couple where great fun and the whole day was perfect. 

Silhouette cuttings of wedding guests at Asylum
Silhouette cuttings of wedding guests at Asylum